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Each person's needs are unique, so the services we offer are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. Our staff works closely with the physicians & case managers to provide the most exceptional care available for pediatrics in the Memphis area.

Why Choose Us...?
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Medicare & Medicaid certified
  • Full 24-hour nursing support
  • Calls taken 24/7 + holidays
  • Servicing Shelby, Fayette, & Tipton counties in west Tennessee
  • Highly specialized pediatric staff
  • Periodic RN supervisor home visits
  • Most insurance accepted
  • Pediatric nurses that specialize in ventilator, trach, & other hi-tech nursing focuses
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Skilled Care Home Health Aide Skilled Visits

Medication administration

Ventilator care

Tracheostomy care

IV therapy

Total parenteral nutrition

Gastric feedings

PICC line care

Personal hygiene assistance

Incontinence care

Meal preparation

Feeding assitance

Vital assessment

Status observation

IV therapy

Wound care

PICC line care

Patient care coordination

Client-family teaching

IV Antibiotic therapies

"No Place Like Home has been a lifesaver for us. Before we were referred to this agency, our child had spent most of the last 2 years in the hospital. The quality and professionalism of your nurses are head & shoulders above the rest and our child’s much improved health is proof of that. Our nurses are the BEST and they have become part of the family. This agency works hard to find nurses that “fit” best with our family and that’s important. You guys are the greatest & thanks for all you do."

Dana, Parent

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