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No Place Like Home offers and encourages all employees to obtain the annual flu vaccination. To receive the flu vaccine at no cost to you, or satisfy the annual requirement; you may do one of the following...

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Each year all employees are required to do one of the following:

1.) Attend the annual flu clinic day at the NPLH office to receive the flu shot free of charge.

2.) Contact NPLH to receive a voucher good for a free flu shot at any Memphis-area Shot Nurse location.

3.) Receive the flu shot at a practitioner of your choice (you may file for up to $25 reimbursement from NPLH).

4.) Formally decline receiving the flu shot (this must be done each year).

If you have already received your shot from another facility you may
send a copy of your vaccine record to Tangie to satisfy this requirement.

You have the right to refuse the annual flu vaccine but to do so you must complete a declination form HERE.

CONTINGENCY PLAN: If there is a shortage of influenza vaccine supply that affects the supply of influenza vaccine for No Place Like Home Inc. staff use; Administration will develop a contingency plan. This plan will include vaccine prioritization and distribution based on the influenza vaccine supply shortage faced and recommendations from the CDC and the Tennessee Department of Health.

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