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We provide one-on-one patient care in the home & school settings. You must be licensenced as an LPN, RN, or CNA.
(we do not provide unlicensed services)
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Click here to print a FAX cover sheet w/ checklist

After filling out the application you will
need to provide a copy of the following documents...
click the link to the right to print out a fax coversheet.

Drivers license:

Make a copy of your license on a copier and try to lighten it slightly to improve the image quality of the FAX we receive.

Social Security Card:

You may have to lighten this as well if it is particularly dark.


ONLINE-ONLY courses are NOT acceptable.

Minimum acceptable training level is "BLS for Healthcare Providers". You will find more information and a list of providers at the American Heart Assosc. website

Professional License:

You may FAX your certificate or other form of it such as a pocket card, etc.

Automobile Insurance:

You must send the "declarations page" from your automobile policy, "cards" will be accepted but must show the effective dates of the policy.

TB Skin Test:

TB skin tests are valid for 1 year from the date it was read. Acceptable tests must include:

  • Date test placed
  • Date test read
  • Lot # of testing solution
  • Expiration date of testing solution
  • Health care practitioner's signature & date for placement and reading

Chest X-rays must be signed by the reading physician and must state that you are free from any communicable diseases. These are valid for 2 years from the date read.

Professional Liability Insurance:

We require all employees to carry professional liability insurance. If you do not currently have a policy you will be required to obtain a policy within 2 weeks of starting. If you have a current policy please FAX a copy of the declarations page with your other credentials. If you do not have a copy, your insurance company can usually FAX a copy directly to us at your request.

I understand & will provide the necessary credentials
to NPLH during the application process.
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