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All nominated nurses MUST meet the following requirements
in order for your nomination to qualify for the Bravo! award:

  1. All field & office nurses, CNAs, & office staff are eligible.

  2. They must be actively employed.

  3. They must exemplify professional communication with parents, NPLH staff, nursing team, and MD’s.

  4. They must maintain a record of being on time for shifts and must not regularly cancel shifts.

  5. Follows all policies outlined in the current NPLH Employee Handbook.

  6. Reasons for nomination must fall within boundaries of nursing professionalism.

  7. A nominee will be disqualified if having received Corrective Action during the month of being nominated.

  8. NPLH must have the nurse’s current record of all NPLH education, annual skills competency checks, license, CPR, nursing liability insurance, and TB skin test.

Each nurse selected for a Bravo Award will also become
eligible to win a Top 10 Nurses-of- the-Year award;
announced at the Annual No Place Like Home Christmas Party.

Who deserves the Bravo! award?

What patient does the nominee care for?

What is your name?

Please tell us why you are nominating this person:


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